There is one particular prayer movement that is happening in the world, especially among Asian countries in the last 15 years. It is called the Prayer Tower Movement. In a prayer tower, the churches of God from every denomination joint hands to fill up 24 hours every day with prayer, praise and worship for the nation.

In the end times, God is restoring the Tabernacle of David (Prayer Tower), Amos 9 : 11-12. When prayer towers establish in a nation, the economy growth and security of that nation improve. There will be a great repentance and revival of the nation. Additionally, the churches will experience awakening.

It is very important a nation has a prayer tower in its capital city. The reason is, when God visits the capital city, the whole nation will be impacted as well.

That is why DC Prayer Tower is here in the heart of the capital city of America. DC Prayer Tower’s vision is to fill up the atmosphere of Washington D.C. with the presence of God (Psalm 22 : 3) and to stand in the gap for America and other nations as well. Most importantly, to spread the fire of prayer movement and revival to America and all nations.